Summary of achievement rewards

As I have now started to level up several new characters, decided that I would not be too overly concerned about completing achievements as I go, but would make a note of the ones that give rewards that I would be more interested in completing due to the reward they offer, hopefully others will find this useful.

I have made an effort to list horde and alliance versions of all achievements, where only one achievement is mentioned then it is the same for both horde and alliance, in most cases the reward is the same.

Mount Achievements :-

Pet Achievements:-

Tabard Achievements:-

Title Achievements:-

There is several title achievements and will update this post once I have been able to research them all.

Useful Mage Macros and Talents

I have started to play my mage once again in end game raiding, and made a few macros that some people may find useful and/or beneficial for them to use or alter to suit there individual playing style.

I have a deep fire and a frost spec for my mage so you will see that some macros can be used for both specs with the [spec:1/2] conditional.

Clones: (all specs)
#showtooltip Mirror Image
/use [spec:1] Icy Veins; [spec:2] Combustion
/use Mirror Image

This macro will work regardless of what spec you are currently using, saving 1 slot in your macro interface, this should be able to use be used in all specs as you will either have Icy Veins and/or Combustion.

Polymorph: (all specs)
/focus [modifier:alt/ctrl/shift,harm] target; [target=focus,harm,exists,nodead] focus; [harm] target
/cast [target=focus,exists,nodead,harm] Polymorph; Polymorph

Every mage or cc class should have a focus macro so here is one for mages.

CS: (all specs)
/cast Counterspell

For those times when you have to interrupt during a cast of another spell.

AE: (all specs)
/cast [modifier:alt] Arcane Explosion(Rank 1); Arcane Explosion

Macro to spam rank 1 arcane explosion with use of the alt key to find those pesky stealth classes in battlegrounds and arena, and to use highest rank at all other times.

Cycle: (fire spec)
/castsequence reset=target/nocombat Fireball, Living Bomb, Pyroblast, Scorch, Fireball, Fireball, Fireball, Living Bomb, Fireball, Fireball, Fireball

This macro only applies for fire builds, it will reset when you change target, and when you leave combat.

Cycle: (arcane spec)
/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=8/nocombat Arcane Blast, Arcane Blast, Arcane Blast, Arcane Missiles, Arcane Barrage

This macro only applies for arcane builds, it will reset after 8 seconds, when you change target, and when you leave combat.

Boost: (arcane specs)
/castsequence reset=200 Icy Veins, Arcane Power, Presence of Mind, Arcane Power, Presence of Mind, Arcane Power

I made this macro so I could easily spam my boost type buffs, and keep them always on cooldown, it works well for me maybe it will for you too.  The final last Arcane Power in most cases will never be cast as the macro should reset before you can get to this, but have noticed on odd occassions where Arcane Power has come off cooldown but Icy Veins hasn’t so am hoping this will cure that so can cast another Arcane Power.

Flamestrike: (arcane spec)
#showtooltip Flamestrike
/cast Presence of Mind
/cast Flamestrike

I read somewhere that for arcane builds flamestrike and then blizzard should be there aoe rotation, cant quite remember where I read it at now tho, but this macro was copied from wowwiki on there useful mage macros article.

Blizzard: (arcane spec)
#showtooltip Blizzard
/cast Icy Veins
/cast Arcane Power
/cast Blizzard

The blizzard macro for arcane builds to be used after flamestrike macro for aoe spell rotation.

Frostbolt: (frost spec)
#showtooltip Frostbolt
/cast Icy Veins
/cast Frostbolt
/cast Deep Freeze

Not really a rotation spell macro like the ones for fire and arcane, but use this with my frost spec when farming and doing the odd daily quest, works for me can kill pretty much most things before they get to me.

WE: (frost spec)
#showtooltip Summon Water Elemental
/cast [nopet,harm][nopet,target=targettarget,harm] Summon Water Elemental
/petattack [harm][target=targettarget,harm]

This will cast your water elemental spell and also make it attack your current target, if you have no target the spell wont cast.

IB: (frost spec)
#showtooltip Ice Block
/cancelaura Ice Block
/cast Ice Block

To save your ass in those near death experiences, and to get you back into the thick of it as fast as possible.

IB: (frost spec)
/cast [modifier:shift] Fire Ward
/cast [modifier:ctrl] Frost Ward
/cast Ice Barrier

I do use this macro but cant remember why I made it probably just as a space saver on my action bars, mentioned here just for reference.

Spell Rotations:

Pop the “Clones” Macro mentioned above, followed by the “Boost” and “Cycle” macro’s also mentioned above.  Should Hot Streak proc during the rotation, use Pyroblast.

Talent Builds:

Deep Fire Spec 20/51/0:,,11159

Arcane Spec 57/3/11:,,11159

Frost Spec 20/0/51:,,11159

, Arcane Power


After failing my trial with “The Brethren” guild have started a trial with Memento, seems like a sound bunch and the GM is really easy going. Really hope will pass the trial with them.

My DPS is yoyo up and down a bit and Memento have been really nice about it and have tried there best to help me out with it looking at the combat logs and so on, but so far we haven’t discovered why its high on some fights and low on others.  I think it all comes down to for fights where I have to move my dps drops as a result, whereas fights where I dont have to move at all or very little my dps is really good.

Update: I have failed my trial due to the dps yoyoing thing, have tried to get help on this via various forums but sadly lots of people viewed my post but equally sadly none of them choose to reply to my post to offer any help or assistance.

Update 2: Memento‘s GM got hacked and the guild was disbanded, and all his characters transferred off the realm as currently Silvermoon has a free transfer available.  We only just found this information out recently and the GM is getting a blizzard authenticator something which I already have and I think there great, and would recommend them to anyone that asked.  So his account is currently locked and under investigation for 30 days until he receives his blizzard authenticator by which time he will be allowed to transfer all his characters back and have them restored to there original state and hopefully we will also get the guild bank and its contents back too as we had loads and loads of flasks all ready for when Icecrown patch was released.

EVE Online Progress

I have choosen my name, a character called Rincewinda, a female Caldari Monk, Rincewind and Rince were both taken so went for a suttle change of name and my first ever female character in a game, I have only ever played male characters in World of Warcraft.

First impressions were that I thought the game was really good and played in at the same time as World of Warcraft had both games running was mining in EVE Online and chatting and doing an odd quest in World of Warcraft.

I am as of today getting a bit annoyed with the game to the point where I am not sure I want to even keep playing it after my 60 days game time has expired, some of the tutorial/storyline missions are really hard, I keep loosing my ships having a hard time knowning how to equipt a ship for combat, I have lost so far lost several Ibis ships, Condor, Badger and a Bantam, not all due to getting into Combat some losses from travelling in 0.4 space and someone killed me, and then killed my pod. But was partly my fault as shouldn’t have been there really had purchased something in 0.4 space without realising it was in 0.4 space and I wanted it seeing as I had bought it.

Have joined the eve university channels in game and getting to grips with a few things, am still a bit unsure as to how to equipt a ship, but have decided that I want to get into manufacturing it may not make me any money tho but we will see, have also discovered that I like to mine mainly for the reason I can sort of semi afk mine, as I have a dual screen setup on my pc have wow on one and eve on the other its a good system if you ask me as I make money in eve without having to do an awful lot and I’m hoping it’ll pay for my game time or atleast some of it.

In roughly about 4 days 7 hours time I will be able to fly a Hulk, not necessarily fly it well but fly it nevertheless, once I can fly it I think I will work on doing some missions and learn some skills so I can do a perfect refine of my ore as currently have a friend which is refining for me, then perhaps learn to fly the ship better and probably most likely learn the rest of my level 5 learning skills as I will only have to do it someday so may aswell do it now.

EVE Online Special Edition

I have just recently purchased the EVE Online game from HMV as had a £20 gift voucher for them left over from christmas and was having a hard time deciding what I should spend it on, and as I recruited a work colleague to play world of warcraft with me, and was talking to him about it he suggested that I should buy it if its in the shops now as he wasn’t sure if it was or not, so off I went into town to have a browse and I was a bit undecided as to what to do, either get a second world of warcraft account or buy eve online special edition, and I eventually decided to get EVE Online after spending approx 15 mins in the shop trying to decide what to get.

I have yet to play it tho do have an account already for the game but if I play that wont get the special edition items, so am going to make a new account for the game, sadly I am really bad and trying to think of names for characters, and I imagine it will all the more difficult for EVE Online as everyone is on the same server and a lot of the good names or atleast names that I will come up with will already be taken.

I actually dont even know what race or whatever you call it in EVE at the moment either, will need to have a look into it and make a decision as to what sort of role I will play in the game.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

I ordered myself a nice new Nintendo DS with Professor Layton and the Curious Village on the 24/01/2009 but due to an error on my part it didn’t arive until 05/02/2009, but regardless of that I am happy to say its a damn good game very addictive with some complex puzzle that do make you think and just have to work them out.

I have now since completed the story part of the game (with a little help from a work colleague) only to discover from the unlocked parts of the game from completing the mini puzzles in the game there is going to be a sequel to the game which I am now seriously looking forward to having now completed the game, the great thing about this game is that you can download new puzzle via a wifi connect daily for the game and do those too!

There is a few of the extra puzzles you get with the game for having completed the story called Layton’s Challenges which I have yet to complete as there a lot more harder in my opinion from the ones in the story.

Auctioneer addon – QA engineer

I have been an avid user of the auctioneer addon for world of warcraft for a very long time that I can recall, I am a bit of an addon freak/junkie so to speak love my addons.

So when I went to download the latest beta from the auctioneer website and noticed they was recruiting, for developers, QA engineers and a few other things, I looked at the list and thought hmmm I have to apply for the QA engineers job as I first throught I would be good at it, and second wanted to put something back into an addon that I love and to help others at the same time as I have been helped in the past, through use of the addon and via the official auctioneer forums.

Its Christmas Time

Its thats time of year again in wow land, except with a different with the new achievements to get.

Greatfather Winter from what I can remember gave us the same usual presents, except for perhaps one of two differences, still a present is a present most of which my alts were grateful of, and all in all helped Rince and them get one step closer to the Skunk companion pet.

Rince did manage to get the merrymaker achievement, although out of all my alts he was the only one to do so manly due to level and reputation requirements in order to get the achievements.

Recruit a friend

Have just recruited a work colleague into world of warcraft and there levelling at blistering speed, a lot faster than I levelled when I started to play, and we haven’t been taking up the advantage of the triple xp either.

But I now have a new mount but its a really hard decision to know which chracter to give it to.

Update 21/02/09: My friend/work colleague has now hit the dizzy heights of lvl 80, but sadly is finding it difficult to get into groups willing to accept him for instance runs as everyone so well equipt at the moment in world of warcraft, I think that once I have levelled up my mage that I too will experience the same problems no doubt.